To us, “wrestling” is that bit in a fight where you try to get the person down to the ground – so judo, for example, is a kind of wrestling.

Self Defence
In terms of “real fights,” it’s really very useful.  You’ll have seen boxers grab hold of each other when they get sick of being hit…?  Well in real life both guys would usually try to use that opportunity to throw the other guy to the ground, get on top of him, and start hurling punches at his panicky little head.

Which means that if you’re interested in self-defence make sure you know how to wrestle as you really won’t want to be the guy being thrown on to his back.  You see, although one half of wrestling involves throwing the other guy down, the other half involves making sure you stay up – and that’s very handy.

Wrestling for BJJ
If you’re interested in the submission wrestling/BJJ side of things, wrestling will really, really help you with that.  Your ability to maintain winning positions will improve massively and it’ll give you an awareness in areas that most jiu jitsu players would consider quite advanced.

Keep Fit
And if you’re interested in getting fit… ohmigod, wrestling will definitely do the job for you.  It’s a total body workout in a way that all the other so-called total body workouts really aren’t.  You’ll get stronger, more stable, more balanced, more heroic, everything you could possibly want from a one hour class – but in ways you never imagined.

And if you’re fit already, come and enjoy the challenge.  See if you really are fit…  🙂
Wrestling vs Traditional Throwing Arts

If you’ve done other throwing arts such as aikido, t’ai chi, Japanese ju jitsu, bagua or even judo, you’ll find there’s a lot to be gained from the way we train.

Firstly the fact that we don’t wear the gi means you will learn to throw people no matter what they’re wearing.  Then, when you next put on a gi, you’ll feel like there are free gifts all over the place.

Secondly, if you’ve got loads of throws and moves in your arsenal already, it’d be a good idea to come and see if they really work.  Often arts like Japanese Jiu Jitsu get you good at knowing throws, but not actually *doing* the throws.  We’ll get you good.
So come along now.  You’ll love it.

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