Where are we?


19 Leven Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9LH – stick it in your TomTom.  That’s in Scotland, by the way.

Opposite the King’s Theatre there’s a Scotmid supermarket  – our space is above that.
There’s an ATM in the Scotmid window and there are bike racks to the left of that.  Our door is inbetween the ATM and the bike racks.  In the indented bit.  Easy.

We’re up some stairs – they’re not very lovely but we are.  If the door is open, just pop on up and see how lovely we are.

See the map just down the page?  If you click “View Larger Map” just below the map it’ll open up Google Maps.  There you can select “Street View” and get a view of our front door.  Bear in mind that the Scotmid exterior has changed since the picture was taken, but you’ll get the gist.


How do I get there?

Here’s a big ol’ map.  If you have a rough idea of what the greater Tollcross area looks like, the big ol’ map below should help you find us.

If you’re less aware of the locale, play with the map.  If that doesn’t help, click “Directions” in the bubble that’s popped up, type in where you’re coming from and Google will draw you a lovely line to show you the way.  Easy.

View Larger Map


Can you park near the gym?  Yes you can, and depending on the times you come you’ll either have it for free or for not free.

To the west and south, parking is £1.40 an hour and is generally free after 5.30pm.

To the east and north of the gym, parking is £2 an hour and is generally free after 6.30pm.

If you go as far as Bruntsfield, you can find parking for £1 an hour – or for free after 5.30pm.

Click on the picture below to get all information you need !




Buses?  Do you know of Any Buses?

Yes.  Here is a list of all the buses to the area.

Click here for the Bus Routes page.