Douglas McCormick,

Will BJJ is great from the first
class you are in the middle of it there is no sitting watching
techniques or 800 situps before class followed by endless drill.  Also
its generally no GI (just shorts a T-shirt) you don’t stick out like the
new boy from the beginning.  The group is very welcoming.


Schlong, Student of Physics

Other martial arts classes I had
been to before, ‘The barn of legends’ were no where near as much fun.  I
have never been to a martial arts class with such a relaxed atmosphere,
and where I have made such progress so quickly.


Tom Underwood

In BJJ you learn things which
are useful in a fight straight away.  Sure enough, you learn these
things in other martial arts, but in my experience these make up a very
small percentage of the class time- and that’s not even considering how
little of this is useful in reality.

Application of martial arts
techniques should be on resistingopponents who are trying to beat you-
not against the air marching up and down a hall like in some more
traditional martial arts.  If you want to learn how to fight- and not
how to dance – learn BJJ (or something else with active practice).  As
Bruce Lee said: ‘Boards don’t hit back’.


Loy, Student

Great atmosphere.  No negativity
in any of the class.  Brilliant help from coach and other class members
resulting in fast progress.


Davie Black, Lab

having trained in a few martial
arts before, this class has been a great help towards me improving my
ground game.  As a new comer, I have been made very welcome by all the
guys at the gym.  All members have been very helpful towards me settling
in and being made very welcome.


Ross Corrigan, Cook

Before I came to Wullie’s class
I could hardly catch a ball I was so mal co-ordinated.  Now I can hold
down guys 20-25kg Heavier than me.

I used to be really shy around
people I didn’t know.  After training at Barn of Legends for just 3
months I feel like a strong confident guy who can even kiss girls.


Allan McClure, Property

Hi Will
Quick note to say your class has helped my blood pressure enormously. I
am over 40 years old and was on the verge of being treated for high BP
due to high levels of stress. After attending your class for one month,
my BP has dropped so much that my doctor has now dismissed all thoughts
of medication and advocates as much moo jitsu as possible. (It’s all
right for him. He doesn’t get the shit kicked out of him) maybe you
don’t want to display that last bit. So for health reasons, I can’t
recommend it highly enough..



McClure, Banker

Twelve years ago I had a back operation and was advised to do nothing in
the way of impact. After trying various activities to defy the doctors
ranging from sky-diving to bob-sledding at Lillehammer to even answering
the wife back I found that I could either give up and be a fat slob or
continue to try things out to see how much I could get away with. Jui
Jitsu was an absolute no no according to my physio and surgeon. I’ve
been attending for two months now and have found that due to the
extensive warm ups can manage much more than I ever thought possible
(including getting the shit kicked out of me – again, u may want to take
this bit out). So full marks to Jui Jitsu at the Magna Martial Arts club
or Crazy Cow club delete as appropriate. If I can do it anyone can. And
it’s fun too (mebbe that last bits a bit too cheesy? I dunno, you


Dillon, Accountant

I lost a stone in just a month doing nothing different with my life
except training jiu jitsu three times a week.  I still ate pizza
twice a week, and I kept up the Playstation.  It must have been the
jiu jitsu.


Seb Mhatre, PhD in
Artificial Intelligence

 This is a great school. It’s
open six days a week so I always find the time for at least a few
classes which means I really feel I’m improving. It’s relaxed and fun
and everybody is really friendly. The teaching is really well thought
through, the space is bright and airy and the you can even bring your
own tunes! 5 stars! 


Shoemark, Drugs Rehabilitation Chappie

 Ive been training here for
about 1 month, and its fantastic! The techniques are varied but
practical, explained well, and the more technical ones are shown in
stages so their easier to pick up. Its really good fun! its a relaxed
atmosphere, it gets you fit and the club is probably the most welcoming
place in Edinburgh! WooHoo!


Barry Aimson Beever, Local

Cross Combat BJJ is a place of
learning, where ego attitude and judgement is not allowed and has no
place.  Therefore I find a truly great place to laugh, learn and enjoy.

 Will breaks down bjj into
sections ie positions, and each position is taught like one chapter,
giving you a complete and thorough understanding of each before moving
onto the nxt,therefore making the complex simple and you as a student
more confident and complete in knowledge and application.  I find it
satisfying to know I have a good knowledge and understanding in each
part and that each part is coming together to make up the whole.Will
teaches one step at a time Which makes learning BJJ natural, easy and
simple.  I can’t fault it


Jennifer Fleetwood,
Chemist or summit

I did have a lot of fun at the
brazillian jitsu and I did learn a lot in a short space of time.
brazilian jitsu is really really fun. your club has a super relaxed
super friendly vibe.

you are indeed one of the
friendliest sensei’s out there!


Ryan Quinn, Joiner

 William Watson’s Brazilian Jui-Jitsu
class was the first Martial Arts class I ever tried and was imidiatly
impressed with it’s structure and freeflowing nature.  William is very
enthusiastic, energetic and fun, he believes the best way to learn is to
do, this translates to the rest of the group and everyone helps each
other to improve the techniques and understanding of the art.

Anyone who is interested in
learning the ultimate ground fighting Martial Art should Definatley come
along and give it a go.


Scott Boyle, Chap

I find your attitude great and your teaching spot on.

James O’Reilly, Student

 I spent a summer in new york
and joined the renzo gracie academy but i have to say the learning curve
was much steeper in edinburgh and the classes more informative


Williamson, Bus Driver

The bastard swung right round
and caught me straight in the face. So I flew for him and he got me
again ,then we fell (yes fell, this was no double leg takedown) to the
ground and more by luck than anything I landed in the mount, where
despite having a sore face I felt o.k. cause now I was more comfortable
with the situation. I hit the guy a couple of times in the face
expecting him to roll over and give me his back but he didn’t (bloody
works every time in UFC ) . He kept saying he was going to stab me/ chib
me/ slash me. After what he had just done I had to take him seriously so
the next time he went to try and push me off I seized the opportunity
and pushed his arm across his face and done an arm triangle and squeezed
as hard as I ever have before. I knew that this would work because of
being on the receiving end in class and finding out just how tight a
choke that this is( personally I think it’s the tightest). I was
actually submitted with this choke by one of the lads (sorry can’t
remember his name) whilst sparring with him and he was only too keen to
share it with me. By coincidence class the week after was focused on
this choke. After a few seconds the thug blacked out . It was then that
I rolled him into the recovery position ( still in the mount position)
and phoned the police and ambulance. He came to after a few seconds but
was warned that it would happen again ,only this time tighter and for
longer, which seemed to do the job.                       

You asked in your e-mail William
how jiu jitsu helped me. Well all I can say is that I don’t exaggerate
and don’t bullshit and I’m not going to start now. The drunk on the bus
was found to be carrying a knife and no doubt would have used it.
So quite possibly bjj saved my life. The knowledge passed to me from
you  helped save my life and the confidence and skills learnt from
rolling with (and being submitted by) some tough dudes helped save my
life.  No crap William. It was a close one. This is why I don’t like
talking about it. I feel sick just thinking about it .  So
thanks (please pass on to the guys) and I will of course be back as soon
as is possible.           



  1. Blank says:

    Do you need any equipment for any classes?

  2. Dnie says:

    Went to BJJ for about a year. Awesome vibe there and ya learn heaps. William and Horse are awesome trainers. Gutted to leave but my visa is up and heading home to NZ. Wish I had picked it up sooner. Chur

  3. Chris Wilson says:

    Hi, I’m a fat bastard, will I be ridiculed and made to feel unwanted because of this? Or is there a genuine appetite to help people who are not already athletic.

    • admin says:


      Hi Chris.

      I think with that kind of attitude you’ll fit in just perfectly. 🙂

      We maaaaay ridicule you a bit… but it’ll all be done with love and a genuine admiration for you pushing yourself to do something tough. With that in mind, we like to ridicule most people so if we didn’t, you’d surely feel left out. 🙂

      In terms of “helping” you though, we have a different philosophy to fat loss than most places. We won’t really mention your weight or fat loss goals unless you do or it becomes “a thing”. Instead we’ll just aim to have a laugh with you and get you to enjoy our club.

      With this method, most fatties who train regularly lose around 5kg a month.

      Notice, that when you walk in the room and see a lot of slim people, you may just be seeing people who’ve been training for 6 months and thus have lost 30kg.

      I commented to a girl the other week on her losing around 20kg and I felt such a plonker for doing so. She talked nothing of her weight and only of the fun she’d had and the people she’d met and there I thought she’d also want me to commend her for her weight loss.

      It pours off, Chris. But only if you show up.
      And you’re more likely to show up if you chat, make jokes, and act like you like the people here.

      So come along and play.

      Many things happen when you play. 🙂

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