What You Get Cash Price  Works out as just £ per day (*) Standing Order  Works out as just £ per day (*)
Monthly Silver 5 Day Passes per month.

Any 5 days you want.

£35 £7
£25 £5
Monthly Gold
Unlimited Training.

As below but for Bums, Students and OAPs.

£55 £1.80  £45 £1.45
Monthly Gold

(Grown Ups)

Unlimited Training.

Access to every class and session on the timetable.

£60 £2 £50 £1.65


“Can I just try it out first?”
Sure.  You can try it out for a month with absolutely no commitment with either of our cash options.

Can’t you try just one class?  Well what would that show you…?

Let’s face it, your first day at school (or at work or at university) is nothing like the days that follow it.

If your entire education had been like your first day at school you’d have spent the whole time pissing your pants, wandering around lost, and crying for your mum… instead of having friends, knowing your way round, and studying a bit.

Similarly, your first day at Cross Combat, though likely to be pee-pants-free, will possibly be a bit like your first day at school.  Your third, however, will be a lot more comfortable.  Everyone’s relaxed by then.

If you are not sure if you’d like to train with us, feel free to come sit on our lovely sofas and watch as many classes as you like.

However, the experience of watching people have fun is very different to the experience of actually having fun yourself – so, really, it’s a strange way to make a choice.  Watching someone bungee jump or have sex feels very different to doing it yourself – it’s not till you’re actually doing it that you’ll get that massive grin on your face and the stories to tell.


Come along and have a lovely time.  We guarantee you’ll enjoy it.


* The average cost per day IS NOT an extra charge.
It’s there to show the savings you’ll make from paying monthly.
Example:  £25 per month gets 5 Days.  25/5 = 5.  That’s just £5 per day pass.
Example: £60 per month gets 30 Days.  60/30 = 2.  So that’s just £2 per day pass.

**Standing Orders
To set up a Standing Order with us, you will just need to bring your bank account number and sort code.  These are normally on your ATM card.  (I think all banks except RBS have the sort code on the card.)

A standing order is similar to a Direct Debit but it’s different – it gives you more control.
With a DD, my bank goes into your bank (directly) and takes out (or “debits”) the money.
With an SO, you “order” your bank to put money into my account each month.  And that order “stands” until you tell your bank you’ve changed your mind, saving you the hassle of giving them the same order each month.