Everyone’s welcome to these sessions and they’re great for complete beginners.  Come for as little or as long as you like.  Half an hour, two hours, or stay the full four hours – it’s up to you.

It’s called “playtime” because that’s what it is.  It’s like kicking a football around at lunchtime with your mates – you don’t need years of experience or loads of skills to have fun, you just need to show up and run about a bit.

With this in mind, full, continuous sparring (or playing) is the perfect place to learn the basic skills – as well as to perfect the advanced ones.  It’s perfect for everyone.

And if you want to spar hard, with your partner fully defending and fully (though considerately) attacking, can you get your attacks to work?  Can you even escape?

Of course you can, it just takes practice.  And that’s what these sessions are for.


  1. James Smith says:


    What is covered during MMA playtime?


    • admin says:

      Hi James, you know what MMA is, I presume? Well we play at that.

      So, in essence, MMA is hitting & kicking when standing, on the floor or holding each other, wrestling/taking down the other guy, grappling on the ground and going for submissions. So in MMA Play we “play” at that – in other words we do MMA without knocking each other TFO.

      It’s fun, fun fun.

      See you soon I hope.


  2. Billy king says:

    Just wondering how big is your gym

    • admin says:

      This has to be the weirdest question I’ve ever been asked on this site.

      Are you after the total floor area? The matted area? Are you after a vague, “yeah pretty big” type answer? Are you worried you won’t fit? Or are you asking how “big” we are in terms of fame and national renown?


      Either way, you’ll fit, it’s “pretty big” and we’re “fairly” well known.

      If I were to say it’s 1580 square feet would you effortlessly know what that looked like? Would you immediately contrast that with the 2,800 square feet of a tennis court or the 13,500 square feet of an Olympic Swimming Pool? Or would you walk out thirty paces in the park and take it from there?

      Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers.

      And most bonkers of all is that this question went unanswered for a month and you didn’t come to the gym in that time. Does the bigness need to be something specific before you’ll come? Does it need to end in a 3? I really want to know: what about the gym’s potential size was holding you back from just showing up?

      I hope I’ve given you the numbers you were looking for. If not, I’ll happily make some up.


      • David says:

        This is fantastic. This reply has made want to move to Edinburgh and train at this gym!
        Thank you for this, it has made an otherwise dull day fantastic

  3. Ej says:

    I’m a complete beginner to grappling, but am keen to try it. What is the protocol for new people? Cheers

    • admin says:

      Well it seems to me as that beginners fall into two main camps and they take action accordingly. The two protocols they follow are thus:

      1) Assume we have a webpage for the same reason Fairy Liquid advertises on television, decide they like the sound of us, pick a class they like the sound of, and show up.


      2) Search the website, their mind, and the deepest realms of their imagination for a reason Fairy Liquid wouldn’t want *them* to use their product and then email or phone to ask Fairy if they’re right… or would they possibly possiblypossibly consider selling their washing liquid to them. Sorry, not Fairy. I mean they contact me.

      I’m constantly blown away by just how creative people can be in finding reasons for why they might not be welcome. In general the reasons can be summarised as “I am in no way different to most people, can I come?”

      TO do this one properly you have to elaborate on the way in which you are in no way different – such as by being female/male/tall/short/big/small/old/young/bipedal/mono-browed – then check a few times that I really understand the severity of your shoulder being caucasion and that it’s definitely ok if you come. And then you don’t come anyway because I clearly don’t understand and it’s probably best if a white person with shoulders takes up croquet instead. After all, you wouldn’t like to get in the way.

      My preferred course of action is the first one above. The one where you choose a class to come to and then come to it.

      Give either one a go. See how they work out for you.


  4. Tiggs Cunningham says:

    I was at my first “playtime” on Saturday and it was amazing fun. I’d missed my regular Thursday session due to train cancellations but this more than made up for it. It is like a brain-storming session for your groundwork.

  5. Jacob says:

    Awrite man, just messaging in to ask, and the answer to this is probably obvious but I’m just checking, do you have bags? Would I be able to come down during the “playtime” session and work the bags for a bit? Cheers, in advance.

    • admin says:

      You’re right, Jacob. The answer is pretty obvious…

      If you were to come down during one of our incredibly sociable Playtime sessions and stood all alone in a corner walloping bags for anything more than a minute or two, people would think, “who’s that poor guy? He clearly doesn’t yet know anyone here and so doesn’t have anyone to train wïth. I’ll go over and offer him a bit of friendship and a superior training method”.

      So I wonder if you really want to hit bags, or if you’ve just never been to such a helpful, friendly gym as ours and so are setting your sights really low.

      So in answer, no, we don’t have bags. We have amazing trainers, coaches and assistants instead – as well as wonderful, friendly students – who love getting new guys better.

      But if you particularly want that being-all-alone-hitting-things vibe, you could always stand in a leaky garage somewhere and hit heavy, dangly bags! Would that do?

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