MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts and describes the kind of fighting in which all styles and moves are allowed.

In boxing, for example, you’re not allowed to throw the person down, and in jiu jitsu you’re not allowed to hit them.  But when you mix the martial arts, you can do both.

So MMA allows hitting, kicking, throwing, grappling, and submissions all at once and you can win by submission or knockout.

Although you could argue that doing T’ai Chi, aikido and Tae Kwon Do all mixed together would be “mixed martial arts,” generally it’s considered a mix of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Boxing/Kickboxing/Muay Thai – which just so happen to be the styles we teach here…


Many MMA clubs train incredibly aggressively.  They aim to knock each other out in every class, they have no consideration for beginners, and many times you will have to push yourself against your will to go back to a second class, trying to convince yourself that your fear is pointless and that “of course it’s like that”.  In many ways they are like Fight Club.

At Cross Combat we bring our usual intelligent, technical, considerate and friendly approach to our MMA training – which means it’s not for everyone.

With us you will get skilled at the striking, and the wrestling, and the whole MMA game – and you’ll be kept safe while doing it.  You’ll develop proper technique, proper skills and proper strategies and you’ll gradually become a *skilled* fighter – rather than a thug with experience.


Whether or not you want to compete in MMA is up to you, there are competitions available all over the place and fights are not hard to find.  However, rather than letting you jump in the cage after your second class, at Cross Combat we prefer you to develop some actual skills before you have a go.


Come along and have a go.  Beginners are always welcome and you’ll always be treated very nicely.


  1. Clare says:

    Hey William,

    I’m just checking it’s okay for me to come along next Monday afternoon for bjj? Afternoon slot? I’m a 29 year old female, no real martial art experience and consider myself to be of average fitness!

    If this is okay, how do I pay you? Is it better just to bring cash on the day?


    • admin says:


      Yes it’s ok for you to come along to our BJJ classes, that’s what they’re there for. Even the afternoon slots.

      As a 29 year old female you will fit in perfectly on account of you being “a person”. 🙂

      You can pay cash on the day or you sign up to pay by standing order. Both are welcome.

      See you soon, I hope.


  2. dawid says:

    Howold do you have to be to attend the mma classes

    • admin says:

      There’s no specific age you have to be, you just have to be a bit grown up. We’ve had 13 year olds be just fine, and 17 year olds be rubbish.

      Make your own decision as to whether it’s for you, and then take action accordingly.


  3. shannon says:

    Hi I’m looking to do mma but can’t seem to find a good club how many classes a week are available and what are the prices thanks.

  4. Gavin says:

    Hi I am looking to get involved in MMA, would you recommend a beginner just came along for your mma class or would I need to go to multiple to really get a good grip.

    • admin says:

      Hi Gavin,

      I would recommend that to get really good at MMA you train as often as possible for as long as possible in all things related to MMA. Given all our classes relate to MMA, I would suggest you come to as many as them as you can humanly handle.

      Come to all the classes you want to and get amazing. It’s as easy as that.


  5. Kyle says:

    Hi there,

    how much are does the wednesday night MMA class cost? and is it the same price for the saturday MMA play class?


    • admin says:

      Hi Kyle, the prices are on the section of the website called “Prices”.

      A Day Pass is £10. Since Wednesday and Saturday are both days, they’re both the same price. We don’t show favouritism to different days, we believe all days are equal and should be treated as such.

      See you soon.


  6. Jordan says:

    is there a limit to how many lessons you can attend

    • admin says:

      Not at all. I own the gym so I can do what I want.

      Well, I say that. I’d suppose there’s an energetic limit to the number I could healthily manage. After about a dozen I reckon I’d be pretty much done for the week.

      Mind you, over an infinite time-scale I could indeed attend infinite classes – but Can I promise the gym will be going that long? I won’t just now.

      And this brings about an interesting question for our members, I suppose.

      Is the “unlimited” option truly “unlimited” given we don’t actually provide “unlimited” classes and I’m not yet willing to commit to being open for eternity?

      So I’ll way this:
      With the “unlimited” option there is indeed a limit – and the limit is “all the classes”.

      With the limited “5 Day Passes Per Month” option you’re limited to “5 Day Passes per Month”. However, if you wanted to buy more of those, you’d be more than welcome. And with just 5 of those packages per month you’d be up around the same as the we-know-it’s-not-really-but-we-call-it-Unlimited package.

      I hope that helps.

  7. Ewan says:

    Hi, I am 14 year old and am thinking about doing mma, what other classes would u recommend doing aswell as mma that would help improve quicker since I have never done anything to do with it before.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ewan,

      MMA is short for “Mixed Martial Arts” so you’re right that you should mix your martial arts. I recommend you mix the MMA classes with the other classes we do at Cross Combat as a) they’re all martial arts and b) they can all be mixed.

      More than that, they’re all the major ones that are shown to be most effective in MMA.

      Stop thinking about coming and just come.


      • Ewan says:

        Cheers for replying, still trying to convince my mum to let me as she thinks it will be harder for me as I am a bit overweight, she says that if I can lose some weight she will let me come so hopefully i will be able to come in a couple of months !

        • admin says:

          Well that makes the kind of sense that doesn’t.

          “Mum, I’d like to get fit and lose weight by doing a sport I think I’d really enjoy and that I’ll therefore find easy to motivate myself to attend.”
          “Well as long as you do something you don’t enjoy first – something you’re less inclined to show up to – then I’ll maybe let you.”

          To be honest, it sounds to me as though your mum just doesn’t want you to come and is looking for an excuse.
          If it was no good for fat people we’d have a big sign saying, “this is no good for fat people” or something like that.

          Feel free to read this:

          Saying all that, yes, of course you’ll find it more difficult if your’re overweight and out of shape, but walking up stairs is more difficult if you’re overweight and out of shape but I’ll bet you still do that.

          Best of luck and I’ll maybe see you one day.


  8. Chris mcvey says:

    Hi is your classes available to complete beginners? As beginers i mean a 24year old overweight smoker haha i love the sport of mma and been wanting to learn a great new skill that i feel i would enjoy but always been put off with the the thought of how unfit i am and the fear i will show up and everyone there will have the build of chad mendes of something.

    • admin says:

      Chris, if you’re going to live in a fantasy world where all the guys have the body of Chad Mendes, why don’t you also fantasise that all the female members have the body of Eva Mendes?

      And while you’re at it, why don’t you fantasise that half the Eva lookalikes are driven wild by overweight, 24 year old smokers who love mma but have never tried it before? And that the other half love encouraging them and motivating them to look like Chad? Perhaps by offering extra-curricular “workouts”?

      In fact, why don’t you fantasise that the club was set up entirely for people like you?

      It’s these negative fantasies of yours that have got you being that 24 year old, overweight smoker in the first place.

      If you’re going to have a ridiculous fantasy, you might as well have one that’s empowering and pleasing to think about. Start by fantasising “I’m welcome wherever I go” and take it from there.


  9. matthew says:

    hi, was just wondering was going to start coming to classes do I need to bring my own equipment?

    • admin says:

      If by “equipment” you mean your manhood then yes, I’d recommend you don’t try leaving that behind.

      If on the other hand you mean “hundreds of pounds worth of stuff that it would be ridiculous to expect every new student to own before they even tried their first class” then no you don’t need that.

      Bring clothes to wear and 14 shurikens and you’ll be just fine.


  10. Kamran says:

    Hi there, just wandering if it was alright for my brother and I to come to your Wednesday MMA class next week? We are both beginners but very keen to learn

    • admin says:

      Well I don’t know, Kamran, let’s not be too hasty here. What do you know about the two of you that I don’t know?

      I mean, to me it would have seemed pretty likely that the reason a martial arts club advertised itself on the internet for the whole world to see would be to gain as many students as possible. However, despite this, you seem to think we wouldn’t want you. What the hell is wrong with the pair of you, Kamran? Why don’t we want you? There must be something going on.

      I’ll tell you what, you’ve aroused my curiosity as well as my suspicion. How about you send your brother along and if we don’t find him as offensive or intolerable as you seem to hint we will, we’ll send for you the week after.

      Does that sound fair?


  11. Vanessa says:

    I’m keen to come to an MMA class, is there anything specific I’d need to bring other than myself and sensible gym clothing?

  12. Antje says:

    Ok, so I’m dying over how funny these admin replies are. Any gym run by a guy with this much sass I have to join. So yeah, I don’t actually have any questions, just enjoying the humour.

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