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That’s a picture of me off to the left – so now you know who you’re writing to.  In real life my hair length varies.  Ask me or tell me anything you feel appropriate.

I sometimes reply to emails within an hour or two but as I recently realised I was spending pretty much all my time emailing you guys, I got my life back and now might not reply for a week or so.  I still love you though.

If for some reason you don’t like the idea of contacting me via a form on the internet, you can write to me directly via

If you’re writing to ask me if you can come, though…  Well, of course you can, you don’t need to ask (so don’t).  You’ll be very, very welcome so just come along.  (And bring your friends!)



Far more sensible than emailing me questions with obvious answers (I’ll only be sarcastic and you won’t like it) would be to come straight to the gym and join in.
We’re at 19 Leven Street.
That’s in Edinburgh.
That’s in Scotland.
Come along.


  1. Gus Hood says:


    I was passed details of your club by a colleague from work,Jimmy Dee.
    I have trained for a few years in Krav Maga,but have almost no experience of ground fighting or grappling as we don’t cover much of this aspect in the Krav syllabus.

    I’d like to try the wrestling/takedown classes and/or BJJ and was hoping I could come along to one of the classes soon.
    Is there a beginners class in the wrestling/takedowns and grappling or which day would be best for me to attend?
    Is it possible to pay for classes each time,or do you prefer a direct debit…



    • admin says:

      Hi Gus,

      Jimmy’s a great guy, pass on my “hello”.

      The wrestling/takedowns classes are suitable for all levels – and beginners are always welcome.
      And it’s the same case for the grappling classes (the Black Belt Club classes are the only ones reserved for advanced students).

      You can pay for classes as you come. But I do enjoy standing orders more because they’re easier for me and cheaper for you.

      (And sorry for the delay in reply, your message got lost in a pile of 800 spam messages that I’ve only just learned how to filter.)

      See you soon, I hope.


      • Tim says:

        Hello I just tried to email but I got a failed reply so I will try here instead

        Dear William,

        My name is Tim Johnson, I have just moved to Edinburgh for university and am very interested in your club. I was wondering if you offer student discounts? I would like to train maybe once a week realisticaly. Thanks for any information.


        Tim Johnson

        • admin says:

          Hi Tim, thanks for making the extra effort to get in touch.

          If you look here:

          you’ll see our prices.

          As you can see we do indeed offer students a discount – for just £45 you can train as much as you like. What a fantastic price. Particularly if you have lots of time on your hands.

          Otherwise you can get 5 Day Passes a month for £25 – that’s just a fiver for an entire day of training! I know, I know, incredible, huh?! 🙂
          As there are generally 4 and a bit weeks in a month, you’re getting – give or take – one day pass a week for the fiver. And that’s what you’re after.

          Come along. It’s definitely worth it.

  2. Jon says:

    Is it ok if i drop in on tuesday evening for the 615 class? Looking to roll more than drill – is that possible in this class or only in the sat open mat?

    • admin says:

      Hi Jon,

      We do very little drilling in any of the classes as we don’t believe it’s the way to get good. In fact, we believe it’s the way to stay bad.

      So every class is “play-based”, or “sparring-based”, or “live” so you’ll get what you want from it.

      Each class of course ends with some actual rolling, of course.

      Saturdays are nothing but rolling.
      Weekday lunchtimes, have an hour of rolling too.

      I hope to see you along soon.

  3. Euan Murray says:

    Hi I am looking for something to increase my strength and flexability and dont enjoy gyms, a friend from my rugby club told me about you and highly recommended that I should try it. I am 35 and of average fitness and just looking for some info on the best classes for beginners, I also live about 500yards away which appeals to my lazy side too.

    • admin says:

      It sounds like we’d be perfect for you. We’re a lot more fun than gyms and you’ll get all that you’re after with us.

      The best beginners classes are the ones you can get to. Kickboxing, wrestling, mma and grappling are all available. Or you could come could oome on a Saturday and just play. They’re all ideal for beginners.

  4. Sien says:

    Hi ,

    I would like to start the grappling essential classes in the
    afternoon classes on a tuesday and thursday
    2x per week

    could i please pay £5 per session?


    • admin says:

      Hi Sien

      If you come twice a week while paying the monthly membership by standing order, it will work out as roughly £5 per day pass. What great value!

  5. Bobby says:

    I noticed an expired ad on Gumtree with regards to hiring a matted room. If this offer is still available can you give me more information regarding the cost per hour and the times it’s available, any photos would also be good. I currently run Yoga classes, but need somewhere more central.

    Thank You

  6. Tom says:


    A friend and I were wanting to come down. Can we just turn up to any of the sessions or would you prefer us to let you know when we’re turning up and to which session?



    • admin says:

      Hi Tom,

      Everyone’s welcome to come to any of the classes (except Black Belt Club) whenever they want to. Beginners, visitors, hardened pros. Just rock up and take part.

  7. Andrei Vitaliev says:


    My name is Andrei Im 15. I’ve been doing aikido for a while now but I want to try out something else. Anything you can offer me?

  8. Will Duthie says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve recently moved down to Edinburgh from Aberdeen for work, living just round the corner from the gym on Grove St. I’ve trained Thai at AMAG for the past couple of years and was hoping to continue training at your gym. I’d be grateful if you could confirm whether the gym is still open and the timetable is still in place for your striking class?

    I’m hoping to keep this up whilst moving into grappling over the next six months whilst I’m here.



  9. Alex Bryson says:

    Just wondering do you do student discounts?
    Alex Bryson

  10. Iain says:

    Hi there, I’m a white belt and I will be in Edinburgh for a couple of days. I’m interested in training at your club. Just wondering is the timetable still the same as on your website and is it a case of just showing up at your location? Thank you

    • admin says:

      The timetable is normally accurate and yes, you can just show up to most classes and have a go.

      We’ve been open for many years now, we’re unlikely to close any time too soon.

  11. kenneth mcmenemy says:


    I have come across your web site online and keen to get involved in what you guys do. I am 33 and never done any martial arts as such but go to the gym regularly and have a “decent” level of fitness. I would be keen to get into areas like the boxing/kickboxing etc and possible even wrestling/takedown stuff etc although, for the reason of the fitness apsect but also self defence that type of thing.

    Drop me a line with the best time to come along to get a taster, like I say I would be a beginner but can pick things up quite quickly when i get into something.

    Also what would be best “package” to sign up to.

    thanks alot


    • admin says:

      Hi Kenneth,

      I’d recommend going for the gold package for unlimited training, partially because the more you train, the better your fitness will be, and partially because it frees you up to come to different classes as and when you please.

      The best time for you to come is a few minutes before the start of the next class you’d like to come along to.

      You’ll get along fantastically whichever class you come to. I look forward to it.


  12. Luis says:


    I used to train Kickboxing since I was little, for family reasons I had to drop my frequency training. I am now keen to go back to business. I’ve tried some other kickboxing classes in town, but they just based on fitness, which is an important part of kickboxing but not the only one. I am interested in technique and sparring(it does not need to be rough), but it’s the only way to practice your skills. Are you doing something similar over there? If so, Should I just pop up any day?


    • admin says:

      That’s exactly what we do, yes. Kickboxing is pretty tough exercise as it is, so we do our “fitness” by doing our training. And technique is generally better learned in a dynamic environment rather than “statically” kicking pads – so yes, there’s lots of sparring/light sparring in our classes. Every technique is “played” instead of drilled or fought, so it sounds to me as though we’re everything you’re looking for :).

      Come along, you’ll have a great time by the sound of things.

  13. Dave says:

    Hi William I was wondering if I could give bjj a try I am forty but feel as though I still have some life left in me. Where exactly are you in tollcross?

    • admin says:

      Great. Come along. Forty’s plenty young.

      To find out where we are exactly, click the link in the menu above called “Where are we?”. It’s between “prices” and “testimonials”.

      Or click this if you still can’t find it:

      For a less exact description, we’re at 19 Leven Street in Tollcross.

  14. Carol says:

    I was just wondering if you trained children too as I am looking for something me and my 7 year old could learn together (both complete beginners)

    • admin says:

      Hi Carol,

      We don’t have any particular kids classes, but if you were to come along on a Saturday some time between 1 and 5pm for the playtime session, I’m sure you’d both have a lot of fun.

  15. Callum says:

    Hi there,

    I tried emailing about a month ago but think I maybe sent it to the wrong address (my bad). Was wondering if it would be okay to join you guys for a couple of your morning/afternoon classes a week.
    I am a white belt currently training at another Dojo but want to train BJJ more often and was told my by a friend to go to you guys.

    I’m hoping to come along next week, if of course it is okay that I am training elsewhere as well, I understand that traditionally this has not always been allowed so I felt I should ask first.



    • admin says:

      Hi Callum,

      We have every confidence that we’re the best grappling gym for miles around – so don’t worry, we won’t get jealous.

      Come to as many classes as you like, you’ll improve very fast with us.


  16. Graham Muir says:

    Hi William

    I am interested in coming along to the boxing/kickboxing classes. Is there space available on Monday nights ?


  17. bobby smith says:

    hi i was just wondering as well as the martial arts classes, do u guys have a weights section aswell? cheers

    • admin says:

      No. We don’t have any weights.

      We find that if people train with us with any hint of regularity, most people get bored of weights pretty quickly. I’m told it feels “empty” after training with us.

      At the same time, we prefer to specialise in what we do to ensure we can give you the best experience possible – which may link to what I said above.

      You should get very fit and healthy training with us though.

  18. bobby smith says:

    oh and do u guys also do belt grade systems or and grade system at all.

  19. Victoria Raine says:

    Im interested in giving BJJ a try. Ive done kickboxing for the past few years and was wanting to try something a bit different. Firstly ive noticed its mainly men writing on here, is there many women who go to the classes? Secondly I would be wanting to pay by standing order but because of the job I do some weeks I might not be able to get to any classes and other weeks I might be able to make a few. What price package would you suggest for me?
    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Hi Victoria,

      Women are of course welcome to join in the classes and many do. Of course, as with pretty much all sports, there are indeed more men than women attending, but that’s just the way of things. If more women attended than men … there’d be more women than men attending… and that would mean nothing at all either.

      As for the standing order, the 5 times a month option allows you to train… five times a month. If you think you would train only that many times, I’d suggest you go for that. If you feel you’ll come more than that despite your work patterns, I’d go for the unlimited option.

      In fact, I’d go for the unlimited option anyway because I’d find a way to make sure I could come to loads of classes.

      I hope that was useful.

  20. Tarek Richard says:

    Good evening!

    I will be moving to Edinburgh for most of the time between January and the end of June 2014 and would like to have a look at Cross Combat (and, of course, eventually join your classes). I will arrive at Edinburgh on Sunday, January 5, and was planning on dropping by directly Monday or Tuesday evening. As I did a bit of Krav Maga before, I still got the equipment like, e.g., groin protector, mouthguard, soft arm protectors, MMA and boxing gloves,… Should I bring any of this stuff along?

    Cheers and see you in January!

    • admin says:

      Everyone is welcome to wear whatever safety gear they’d like to wear.

      We sell gum shields, ear guards, and a couple of items of clothing. But you can wear whatever you like to keep your body as you like it.

  21. James says:

    Hi William, do you have changing facilities? I’ll be coming straight from the office, so ideally I could do with a locker and somewhere to hang my work suit.

    • admin says:

      We here at the Cross Combat Corporation pride ourselves on having “a place you can stick stuff”. We have a changing room with hooks and benches and a mirror.

      Many people come straight from work (given the classes start right after work hours) and they have always been thrilled with the hooks and benches. The mirror seems to be their favourite though…

  22. tiziano says:

    william hello, my name tiziano floris i’m 30 I come from Italy, I’m interested in your class, I’m sorry but I do not speak very well the ‘English … I know what lesson times .. opening and closing? I’ll be ‘free pass on Wednesday to see the gym .. can you give me a time? hello thanks

  23. Scott says:

    Hello there,

    I was just writing to ask about the 7am BJJ classes and the cost for just one class. I used to train in MMA at Alba Dornadair but due to work schedule had to stop, your classes fit around my working hours pretty well, so would like to ease myself back into something.

    I was thinking about the AM BJJ class and the Saturday sessions but just wondered really if its an advanced level in the morning as my BJJ is, well its crap. Secondly just wondered if there was a one off class payment, noticed the day pass as £10, would this apply to a single class.

    Any help appreciated.

    Scott 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Scott.

      At 7am, the classes are filled with anyone who’s willing to get up at 7am. In fact, all classes (except Black Belt Club) are there for anyone who’d like to show up to them. So, yes, come to the 7am classes if you’d like to.

      The Day Pass is good for an entire day, yes. If you come to just one class, that’s fine. If you come to them all, that’s fine too. It’s like going to a health spa and only using the swimming pool – the sauna’s there if you want it, it’s there if you don’t.

      However, if you intend coming twice a week I would recommend going for the unlimited option by standing order as that’ll make things much cheaper for you.
      You can fill in a form when you get there.


  24. Dave says:

    Hello my names Dave I’m interested in joining up and was hoping to come down next week to try out your bjj class and kickboxing I was wondering about payment because I would like to set up a standing order but not until the end of the month on pay day and also is it ok just to turn up in shorts and t shirt to these classes and are beginners welcome to all classes or certain days/times?

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Dave.

      No problem. If you pay for the remainder of this month in cash, your first standing order payment will come out at the beginning of next month. Easy.

      It is perfectly ok to wear shorts and t-shirt at the class. Or tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt. Whatever makes you comfy.

      Beginners are welcome to all classes except Black Belt Club. Every day, every class, every week.

  25. Scott Buchan says:


    Interested in coming along to a few classes , done Karate for years and then stopped but would really like to get back into Martial arts. do you just comwe along or can you recommend a class to attend ?


    • admin says:

      Hi Scott,

      Yes indeed you just come along to a class.

      If you’d like me to recommend a class, I suggest you come to whichever class you’d most like to do first. However, if you’re not available for that one, I’d say come along to the first class you can come to that you think you’d enjoy.

      Easy. 🙂

      See you soon.

  26. Andrew says:

    Hi I am interested in coming along to bbj and am wondering what appropriate clothing is as I have never done it before I.e trainers,trackies, shorts ?

  27. Liam says:

    Hello My name is Liam Stewart
    I am looking to do some martial arts with you possibly just by day passes twice a month or a silver monthly

    I am unsure however of what martial arts to do
    I wish to do mma but want to train in some specific martial arts first
    I have full mma gear

    I was wondering if you would be able to look at the following and recommend any specifics

    I am 17 turning 18 in November
    I am 5 foot 6
    11 stone
    Average strength and speed
    Prefer grapples and submissions to punches and kicks
    High endurance and able to take a lt of pain while in spars etc

    • admin says:

      Hi Liam Stewart,

      Based on what you have told me I would suggest you:

      Get a couple of day passes a month, or perhaps a monthly silver. The monthly silver gives more classes for nearly the same price.

      I think you should wait to do some mma, train in some specific martial arts first.

      Don’t buy any more mma gear just yet. You have all you need.

      Stick to one spirit on your birthday, no matter what your friends think will be funny.
      As long as you’re fairly lean, you have a good height to weight ratio. Well done.
      You could do with some work on your strength and speed.
      If you want to become a better you (vertical growth), stick to the grapples and submissions.
      If you want to become a bigger you (sideways growth), push through and work on your punches and kicks.
      Don’t rely on endurance, it isn’t eternal.
      Never take any pain except for the intentional purpose of emotional growth and developing the strength to withstand it or withdraw from it. Otherwise seek pleasure.

      I hope this has been a help.

      William (Watson)

  28. Eleanor says:


    I’m fairly active and fit (although I’ll probably find out I’m totally wrong about that on my first class!!) but I’ve never kickboxed/ wrestled etc before. I’ve recently started working on a security team and I’ve realised that my 1 day of physical intervention training I got for my license was nowhere near enough to be practically useful! 2 main questions – as classes are paid for by day passes, is it OK to stay for the core blast/ kickboxing and take down sessions in one evening? Also is it OK if I try out a class next Friday – is there a way of doing trial sessions?

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the confusion, Eleanor… classes aren’t paid for by day passes, day passes are paid for by day passes.

      What a day pass gives you is a pass to a day.

      It’s like when you buy a monthly pass for the cinema you’re not buying a pass for one film, you’re buying a pass for month.
      Except it’s a day pass, so it’s for a day.

      So yes, you can come to as many classes in the day as any particular day enables.

      In your case I would suggest you use it to attend the Core Blast, the Kickboxing and then the Take Down sessions.

      Friday would be a good day to come – the classes that you’d like to try are all on that day.

      The way to do a trial is you would come along and buy a day pass. However, you would also be welcome to sign up straight away and become a member.
      Feel free to try us out as many times as you like before you decide to become a member.

      Hopefully we’ll see you on Friday then.


  29. Beth says:

    I would really like to do boxing with a punchbag but don’t want to do any sparring. Is the boxing class a contact class?

    • admin says:

      Hi, Beth

      That depends on what you consider “contact”. If you’re asking if we batter seven shades of shit out of each other till one of us quits or something gets broken, then there is no “contact”.

      If you’re asking if we considerately touch each other according to each individual’s preference and comfort levels so that the game can be learned and played while maximising everyone’s safety and happiness, then yes there is contact.

      If you can imagine yourself playing boxing with a five-year old kid, and if you can imagine yourself letting them have fun trying to hit you while you gently tap them once in a while – but without you feeling the need to knock the little fella out – then you can imagine other grown-ups having the same courtesy and respect for other grown-ups too. And that’s what we do.

      So there’s contact but there’s not “contact”.

      However, if instead you would rather hit a bit of foam as hard as you can (or if you don’t trust yourself to not hit your classmates as hard as you can), then there’s the padwork classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 till 9pm.

      You’re welcome to any and all – as long as you’re considerate to your classmates. 🙂

  30. Karen ward says:

    Hi there,

    I’m a 35 year girl and looking to lose weight and tone abd get fit and have heard boxing is great for this.

    Are there any classes for beginners?



    • admin says:

      Hi Karen,

      As it says here:

      “All our striking classes are suitable for beginners”

      I’m not sure I can make it any clearer than that, really, but I’ll give it a go.

      All our classes are suitable for beginners – whether old or young, male or female, fat or slim. Every class is there for you to enjoy from the very first moment you think you might like to several years later when you still love it.

      So do join us. Come today, you’ll have a lovely time.

      Everyone has to start somewhere…

  31. Mark says:

    Hi William,

    I’m coming up to Edinburgh next week to visit family and don’t want to miss a week’s training, was just wondering if your classes are still those advertised on the website? Wasn’t sure since no-one seems to have posted on there this year. I really hope they are, as I don’t want to pack a gi in my carry-on!

    Cheers and hopefully see you next week,


    • admin says:

      Yes, classes are still as per the website. If there’s any change, we change the website. If there’s no change, we don’t change anything.

      For you though I have changed the timetable page from saying “valid as of August 2013” to “valid as of April 2014”. It means the same thing given we’re not in July 2013 – but it’s perhaps a little less scary for some of you.

      If you don’t want to put a gi in your carry on, don’t. I wouldn’t.

  32. Matthew says:

    Hi 🙂 I’m interested in doing some self defence and the classes on Tuesday look cool
    Just a couple of bad questions
    Can I come to classes being only 16?
    If so do I just turn up?

  33. Andrew says:


    I recently took up freestyle wrestling but unfortunately they have now stopped for an extended break. I was wondering if the wrestling/takedown class would be similar, or at least have transferable skills? Im ideally looking to train several times a week so I would be also wanting to continue throughout the year!

    • admin says:

      Yes, our wrestling classes are very similar and very transferable – in fact you’ll find it’s almost exactly the same.

      Come along, you’ll have a lovely time.

  34. Matt says:

    Hi there, William/Willie/Wulle/Whatever nickname you desire.

    Just a couple of questions for you:

    A friend and I are planning on attending the BJJ and Muay Thai pad work out classes tonight to try our hand out, and were wondering if it was necessary to bring any gear/equipment with us (e.g. do we need full gi for BJJ, gum shield, etc), or can we just turn up in shorts and t-shirt? I don’t own a gi, so that could be a problem if we do need it… Also, are the classes barefoot?

    Secondly, my friend and I are beginners. Watched too much UFC and thought “Hey, I could do that!”, so are the classes friendly toward getting the basics down for us both? I’ve done a bit of Muay Thai before, as well as Krav Maga for a while, so I’m a bit more versed in the striking aspect, but still feel it would be beneficial to take myself back to the drawing board.

    Let me know your thoughts, and, provided I don’t get hit by an asteroid falling out the sky, I’ll be seeing you later!

    Cheers, Matt.

    P.s. I think the email address you left is a dud, because I got an immediate ‘send fail’ when I tried mailing you…

    • admin says:

      Hi Matt, it’s only ever “William”.

      Shorts and t-shirt are fine. Bring a gumshield if you like them. It’ll be barefoot.

      All classes are suitable for beginners. We tried only letting UFC champions in, but it didn’t work out too well so we take beginners now.

      Thanks for letting me know about the problem with the email address – I had no idea – I’ve fixed that now.


  35. chris says:


    I was wondering if you do pay as you go prices for classes? I can only make the morning bjj classes on tue and thursdays but cant really pay £10 per class for a day pass

    many thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris,

      If you’re going to be coming every Tuesday and Thursday then I would recommend an unlimited membership for you. That will work out as around £5 per class – which is pretty darn reasonable.

      If you think you’ll only come once a week, maybe twice occasionally, then I recommend you buy the 5 day pass option – which is as little as £5 per pass as well. And that’s equally excellent value.

      If you think you’ll only come four or maybe three times per month, I’d also recommend the 5-Times option as that’ll still take the price down to either £8 or just £6 per pass – and you’ll have the option to come more when you realise who much you’re enjoying it.

      See you soon, I hope.


  36. shannon says:

    Can you pay cash as I don’t have a bank account?

  37. Connor says:

    Is there a minimum age for any of your classes???

    • admin says:

      There is no minimum age exactly however as most of our students are adults, the only expectation is that you’ll be comfortable hanging out with them.

      Maybe see you soon.

  38. Alastair says:

    Hi William,

    I’m wondering if your £10 day pass option includes sparring time on Saturdays? I’m looking to increase my BJJ mat time.


    • admin says:

      Hi Alastair, yes… the Day Passes are valid on any day that would be considered a day – and as here at the Cross Combat Corporation we have a very strict equal opportunities for days policy, Saturdays are included in the deal.

      (As are Sundays, but they’re less of a bargain.)

  39. Liam Slaven says:

    Hey William,

    I am not sure if you remember me but I was a member for a few months a number of years ago before moving to Aberdeen for work.
    I have very fond memories of everything I learned and got from your classes etc. So much so I still recommend your place to any friends I have in Edinburgh who are looking to train BJJ.
    This was just an email to make sure that you are still going strong? I have a friend who has moved to Edinburgh and I was telling him about your place. I just didn’t want to send him on a wild goose chase.

    All the best
    Kind regards


    • admin says:

      Hi Liam, of course I remember you. Did you continue training up there? I remember you trying to find a club that trained like ours, did you have any success?

      And thank you everso much for your kind words and recommendations, they’re really appreciated. It’s kind words like these that have led to us being very busy these days, despite a crappy web page, so thanks from everyone else too.

      And so, yup, we’re still going and still going well so send your friend along.

      (But I’ll be honest, if we’d closed it’s not that hard to turn off a web page. I’d do it. I’d manage. I’m strong that way.)

      I look forward to meeting your friend soon.


  40. Carol says:

    Hi there

    I am looking for a kickboxing class for a 9 year old yellow belt, do you run anything like this for 9 year olds’.

    • admin says:

      We only run the classes you see on the timetable. If the 9yo would enjoy training with adults and would be able to hang out with the rest of us, I see no reason for him or her to train with us. If they’re all weird about adults, though, then we’ll be no use at all. Sorry.

  41. Carol says:

    do you have a grading system for adults ?

    • admin says:

      We do kinda have a grading system for adults but we don’t really focus on it. Our main emphasis is on getting you better and making sure you have fun while doing it.

      If getting a pretty coloured belt or a certificate is the most important thing to you, then we’re not the place for you. But if getting the best tuition and getting actual useable skills is important to you, then you’d come to us.

      David Beckham doesn’t have a black belt in football!!

  42. Julie says:

    Hi there,

    is there a minimum contract duration for the monthly memberships or would it be possible to get one for just a month?

    Thanks a lot,

    • admin says:

      Sure we can do you a price for just one month – that’ll be the one in the “cash price” column in the prices chart.

  43. Jonny says:

    Hello sir.

    Was just wondering if your BJJ classes were gi or no gi?

    Was planning on dropping by tonight and wondered if I was as well going home to grab it?


  44. Paul says:

    dear sir
    My name is Paul and I’m highly interested in joining your MMA club. I have recently moved to Edinburgh for university and just want a fresh start and new experience. what would be the best classes for beginners or are they all suitable ? when i join do we sort out payment options at the club or online?
    kind regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul,

      The best class for beginners depends on what that particular beginner wants to do. For example, if a beginner is only interested in kickboxing, I surely wouldn’t recommend wrestling.

      I would suggest you look at the timetable and when you see a class that makes you go, “Aha! That one!” then you should go to that class. Then go to lots of other classes. Try them all a few times each and keep doing that till you love them all. Easy.

      Pay at the club when you show up, please. Ta.

  45. Patrick Turner says:

    Hi there,

    I am interested in taking up kick boxing. No real experience.

    Would I b able to join a class next week?



    • admin says:

      Well I’m not sure, Patrick. What are you up to next week? Have you got anything urgent on that would get in the way of you showing up?

      I’d say the best thing to do is have a look at your diary, see if you’re free when the kickboxing classes are on and – if you are – come along and have a whale of a time. If something conflicts, see if you can make it some other time and come then.

      If you get stuck, just add me in to your Google Diary and I’ll have a look for you. Don’t worry, I’ve done this before, I’ll get it in no time.

  46. Richard says:


    I’ve been looking over your classes and I am quite interested in trying them out, I’m just wondering what kit I’d need to bring and if I would need any safety gear, for example a mouth guard?


    • admin says:

      You can bring whatever safety gear you want however none of it is essential. We sell mouthguards for £3 if you don’t have one already.

  47. Eby says:

    Hello whats the different between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing

    • admin says:

      In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you cuddle each other until one of you quits.

      In Kickboxing you hit and kick each other until the time runs out.

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